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When she lifts her upper hand, a bird is sitting beneath it. Show Pregnant sex slave comments Page 1. A majority of plantation Pregnant sex slave and doctors balanced a plantation need to coerce as much labor as possible from a slave without causing death, infertility, and a reduction in productivity; the effort by planters and doctors to provide sufficient living resources that enabled their slaves to remain productive and bear many children; the impact of diseases and injury on the social stability of slave communities; the extent to which illness and mortality of sub-populations in slave society reflected their different environmental exposures and living circumstances rather than Pregnant sex slave alleged racial characteristics. Foster suggests that men and boys may have also been forced into unwanted sexual activity; one problem in documenting such abuse is that they, of course, did not bear mixed-race children. Older slaves and oftentimes grandparents of slave communities would pass down useful medical skills and remedies as well.

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